Humans Artis is an international network of artists, engaged in research and experimentation of new audiovisual languages. Exploiting the potential of new technologies, Humans Artis offers original and participative productions.

Created by the director Pietro Jona, Humans Artis is born after the production of the first example of a social movie, the documentary Humans Y2K (2000). The film is a collective story about the night of transition to the new millennium; realized with video contributions from 15 countries of the 5 continents, it has been entirely realized using the web as a communication and production tool.

The same production formula was subsequently adopted, in 2004, for the realization of the fiction feature-length MOVE!(WHERE ARE YOU GOING?) always with the purpose to create a picture in movement of the humanity in a given instant. The film participated in festivals all over the world and has been distributed by

Humans Artis has operating sites in Italy and Spain (Human’s Point)