Video installation Reaction

All the images that Reaction is collecting form an original archive on the city. This archive, produced mainly by not professionals, are becoming an instrument of social investigation and it is involved in the story of our age.

Edition 2016 – Macro Testaccio Factory

11/11/2016 – 03/12/2016

Contributions: more than 400 selected videos

Focus: Islands of reaction and large desert areas, so the city reacted, so it was built the installation of the first edition in collaboration with the Institute of art RUFA. An animal in a cage that cannot get out

Discoveries: Termini TV and the Torpignattara district to which two areas of the exhibition are devoted.

Reaction Rome Prize 2016

One Canon Legria mini x

SILENCE di Davide Infantino

Edition 2017/18 – Macro Testaccio La Pelanda

14/12/2017 – 31/01/2018

Contributions: more than 500 selected video

Focus: boys between 11 and 25 years produce 70% of the videos. The video installation has been designed like an enormous empty space with two big video projections placed upon the two sides of the room; in order to recreate a suspended dimension, immersive, where contemplate the images of a not recognizable city.

Thanks to the collaboration with Cinecittà Luce, an area of the exhibition was dedicated to an installation on Rome of the 1900s realized with files footage of the Archivio Luce.

Reaction Rome Prize 2017

One weekend for two people in Madrid

Roma Bella of Roberta Ungaro

Reaction Esquilino Prize 2017

Production of a video for Central Market

Tra Luce e Brusio of Raoul Carrera

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